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Video: 6 Ways to Share Effectively via #SocialMedia (via Google+ Hangout on Air)

October 2, 2012

Google+ Hangout on Air:

Example of Integrating Easy Content Creation into Your Social Media Strategy

Today as part of the SPIN Academy in New York, I did a presentation on how to share effectively via social media. I invited folks from the excellent Undocubus/No Papers No Fear to join us via a video chat: B. Loewe, Marisa Franco and Tania Uzueta. Here’s the link to my prezi: 6 Ways to Share Effectively. This was my first experience using a video chat in a live presentation… so I apologize for the shots of the back of my head.

I’m excited by Google+ Hangouts on Air because it’s a great tool for easily recording interviews with folks without assigning them to write or make something for you (see # 6 in my prezi).  And after all, even CNN and the LA Times are using webcams these days!

Here’s a step-by-step checklist for recording your own Google+ Hangout on Air:

  1. Make sure all participants have Google+ accounts. It’s easy if you already have a Gmail account. Click here to start.
  2. In order to record the hangout, you will also need a Youtube account associated with your Google+ account. If you’re signed into your Gmail or Google+ account, click here to set up your account. Alternatively, look under “More” in the drop-down menu along the top. Unfortunately, the account needs to be in a real person’s name not an organization’s.
  3. Before inviting people to participate in a hangout, you need to enable “Hangouts on Air.” Go to Google+ and look for “Start a Hangout” (look in the righthand columns, different depending on web browser).  Click on “Start a Hangout” and a new window will open. Under the boxes for adding names and a title, there’s a checkbox for “Enable Hangouts on Air”. Click the box and a pop window will appear. You’ll need to agree to the terms and possibly verify that you’re a real person via a code sent by text to your mobile phone.
  4. Before the hangout, add the people you want to participate into your Google+ Circles (your lists of riends, acquaintances, etc.)
  5. Figure out a time to speak with the participants in your Hangout. You can have up to nine people participate.
  6. At the appointed time, go to Google+ and  click “Start a Hangout.” In the new window that opens, start typing the participants name and wait for their full names to appear.
  • Type a title for the hangout (you can change this later on Youtube).
  • Click “Enable Hangouts on Air”
  • Then click “Hangout”
  • Once everyone arrives, click the red “Broadcast” button on the upper right to start recording.
  • At the end of the chat, click the red “End Broadcast” button.

7. Google+ will automatically add the recorded video to Youtube where you can watch, edit and share the video.

Cool, right?! Let me know how it goes.

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