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Flipped Out and Head Over Heels

May 26, 2008

Flip Camera easy to use I feel like I’ve recently become a spokesperson for the Flip Camera, an excellent new invention from Pure Digital. A friend and colleague, Nicola, tipped me off to it and I soon found myself at Best Buy getting my own. Since then, I’ve been showing it off to folks, flipping out the USB port to show how easy it is to use. “No film! It’s all digital! The program is on the camera!” I say and then extol them on the possibilities for its use. Imagine what we could do if nonprofits gave Flip Cameras to the communities they serve and asked them to do their own advocacy and public awareness through video. I love the idea of folks using these cameras to transmit their viewpoints about their challenges and concerns.

The New York Times magazine ran an article about the genesis of the camera this past weekend. It’s interesting that initially they wanted to make it disposable.

I also learned that company has its own program to get FREE cameras to nonprofit organizations. Called Flip Video Spotlight, the program wants to “help nonprofit organizations use the power of video to make the world a better place” and they plan to give out 1 MILLION in the next five years. So, Attention Nonprofits! Step up and apply before they’re all gone!

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