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“Meet Juan Crow” & more coverage of “Thru the Plexiglass”

June 4, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Our video “Thru the Plexiglass” has legs! It made the internet news show”Grit TV with Laura Flanders” connected to, the political blog. It’s at the 28 minute mark. Hope we didn’t add to the confusion because they incorrectly referred to USCIS with the outdated name “INS” (see below).
From the Grit TV webpage:

“At least 66 people are known to have died in immigration detention in 2007. Today, as the US House holds hearings, our panelists journalist Roberto Lovato, Janvieve Williams of US Human Rights Network and Maria Muentes of Families for Freedom discuss the health and treatment of those in U.S. detainment. Are immigration laws the new Jim Crow? Discuss.

Also tonight on GRITtv: from the American News Project and the NOLA Workers’ Justice Center, a shameful story of modern-day slavery in America. Author Russell Banks dreams up America, and the winner of the Movement Vision Lab’s first ever video contest takes a satirical shot at the INS . . . all that and our first in-studio concert from tabla artist, Suphala. IT’S ALL COMING UP ON GRIT TV…”

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