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New documentary OPERATION FILMMAKER raises interesting questions

June 24, 2008

Recently National Public Radio did a story on a new documentary “Operation Filmmaker”. I haven’t seen it yet but it sounds very interesting. Actor Lieve Schrieber decided to help an Iraqi filmmaking student by offering him a position with the film he was directing (“Everything is Illuminated”). Then Schrieber hired a documentary filmmaker to film the experience and what they experienced was not what they expected.

The film’s website describes it this way:

Do-gooder intentions go disastrously wrong when Hollywood gives a young Iraqi film student the chance of a lifetime. Operation Filmmaker tells the fascinating and riveting story of Muthana Mohmed’s odyssey in the West, with uncanny parallels to America’s recent misadventures abroad.

My question is why did Schrieber hire someone else to film it? Why not give a camera to the Iraqi filmmaker rather than have him fetch coffee? To me, this illustrates how Americans sometimes fail to give everyone the chance to make their own media.

OK, OK, maybe I should see the film first before I comment further.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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