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Beware of the Trolls!

August 4, 2008

Did you see the recent New York Times Magazine article on “trolls” on the Internet?

It was very interesting. I’m kinda afraid to comment more lest this blog becomes a target. Half joking here.

See this quote:

“Bloggers are filth. They need to be destroyed.”

But the most comforting quote in the article

So far, despite all this discord, the Internet’s system of civil machines has proved more resilient than anyone imagined. As early as 1994, the head of the Internet Society warned that spam “will destroy the network.” The news media continually present the online world as a Wild West infested with villainous hackers, spammers and pedophiles. And yet the Internet is doing very well for a frontier town on the brink of anarchy. Its traffic is expected to quadruple by 2012. To say that trolls pose a threat to the Internet at this point is like saying that crows pose a threat to farming.

What’s interesting is that trolls rely mostly on text-based communication and it makes me wonder how they would interact with image or video-based media. Just a thought…

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