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John Edwards & Rielle Hunter’s video shorts

August 14, 2008

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times column Webscout looked a little closer at the videos that Reille Hunter made for the Edwards campaign. As you know by now, John Edwards recently admitted that he had an affair with Hunter.

Putting aside the public’s prurient concerns, I’m most interested in how Hunter managed to convince the campaign to hire her and what they hoped to achieve with the technology. Apparently Hunter met Edwards in a bar and some cynics might argue that the video contract was a way to formalize their relationship. But I think they were genuinely interested in using video to reveal something about Edwards.

Webscout says that “The four short episodes are usually referred to as “campaign videos,” which might explain why they have not drawn much of a crowd.” But why weren’t they successful? It seems that even though Hunter and the Edwards campaign were interested in new technology, they still had a very “top down” way of using it. Instead of something dynamic, they went for some sort of stale “Reality-TV” style.

Ultimately Webscout thinks that Hunter used video as an excuse to get close to Edwards:

Hunter is revealed as not simply a videographer hired by the Edwards campaign but a member of a much older profession: a groupie. And “Inspiring Politics” represents one of the most inventive ways a groupie has ever gained unlimited access to the power guy of her dreams.

Watch the videos and decide for yourself:

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