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“Screen Issue” of NYT Magazine

November 23, 2008

The New York Times magazine’s “Screen Issue” is a facsinating look at how today we watch moving pictures through a variety of media, “consum[ing] fragmented narratives on multiple screens.”

I particularly liked the IDEA LAB article Kevin Kelly about “Becoming Screen Literate” and how the habits of the mashup are borrowed from textual literacy:

“You cut and paste words on a page. You quote verbatim from an expert. You paraphrase a lovely expression. You add a layer of detail found elsewhere. You borrow the structure from one work to use as your own. You move frames around as if they were phrases.

Kelly argues that “the new screen fluency means being able to parse and manipulate moving images with the same ease. But so far, these “reader” tools of visuality have not made their way to the masses.”23lede-600

A.O. Scott‘s article “The Screening of America” is also interesting because he wonders the affect of video on cinema will the same as what television did back in the day. Scott argues “The ubiquity of screens — and also of cameras — may also mean the death, or at least the transfiguration, of cinema as we know it.”

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