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Step up! Be in a video to SUPPORT healthcare reform on October 10

September 18, 2009

On Saturday October 10 in Santa Monica, I’m shooting a funny video short (30 seconds long) in SUPPORT OF HEALTHCARE REFORM. We’ll submit it to Obama’s video contest.

We need you (& your friends ) as stars or extras for the shoot. I can’t tell you much more unless you’re available to come (don’t want to spoil the surprise).

Here are some folks we need to find:

Picture 1
1. Big tall muscley kinda scary-looking guy
2. Skinny model-type woman
3. Hipster couple
4. Young mother and child (toddler)
5. Older gentleman
6. Lots of people with visible wounds/bandages, in wheelchairs or on crutches (Bring your own!)

Let me know if you or folks you know (who match above) are available. I have a treatment and script but want to keep a lid on it if possible.

RSVP for location information: Send an email to will (at)

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