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What I did at @Netroots_Nation in Las Vegas: #MockICE, #Broadband, #StopICE, etc.

July 27, 2010

1. Participated in a political theater action (see media coverage below):

2. Moderated panel “Building a National Broadband Plan: How Activists in California are Bridging the Digital Divide for Racial Justice

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Moderated panel “Crimmigration Under Obama: Pushing Back Against the “Enforcement-only” Immigration Regime
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Also see individual videos from our panel on the Detention Watch Network blog.

4. Connected with lots of great folks doing important challenging work around the US.


Media Coverage/Sharing of the #MockICE action [list in development]:

  1. Carlos in DCFake ICE Checkpoint at Netroots Nation 2010: Only White People Asked for IDs and Some Progressives got Offended [VIDEOS] Organizers Respond
  2. Immigration Enforcement Targets Illegal European Invaders in Vegas
  3. Chicanisima: How can you tell if someone is “illegal?”
  4. Daily Caller: Papers, Please: Activists jokingly demand white bloggers show ID before getting lunch
  5. Daily Kos: ICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…
  6. Firedoglake’s La Figa: “Where Are Your Papers!?” Latino Activists Stage “Raid” at Netroots
  7. Friends Committee on National Legislation: It’s Our Community: Immigration News
  8. Immigration Law Link: Making a Mockery of Arizona Immigration Law
  9. Joe.My.God.PAPERS PLEASE: Immigration Checkpoint At Netroots Nation
  10. L.A. Progressive: Turning the Tables at Netroots Nation: ICE Checkpoint Forces Participants to Think about Profiling
  11. Reform Immigration for America blog: Fake ICE checkpoint sparks debate
  12. Sum of ChangeICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…
  13. Vivir LatinoICE checkpoints at Net Roots Nation
  14. Vivir Latino: More from the Netroots Nation 2010 Mock ICE Checkpoint : Considering Assault at the Fronteras
  15. VozMob: Teatro Popular
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