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My Experience with “Community Powered Reporting” and Community Gardens

November 5, 2010

I recently wrote a short piece and created a video (above) about “Ten of the Best Community Gardens in Los Angeles County.” The article was commissioned by Spot.Us, a web-based project that is pioneering a new model for “community powered reporting.” The public can commission articles and reporters raise money via the website to carry out the reporting. The project was an interesting one (with lots of driving around L.A.) and I’m planning to do more like this in the near future.

The video is more of an “audio slideshow” since I’ve been experimenting more with audio lately. It’s interesting how many people seem to feel more comfortable with audio-recording than with video. Frequently, I’ve seen folks clam up when I turn on a video camera. With audio, folks often ask “Is that thing on?” (I always tell people when I’m recording them.). Much like video, audio requires lots of “b-roll”, extra footage of sounds to fill out the story. I find that I’m often proudest of the random but representative sounds I find and record. I’ve been using a Zoom H4N and Audio-Technica 8010 mic [Note: this is not product placement but more of sharing tips.]

Check out my posts on either Spot.Us or CurbedLA and leave a comment to let you know what you think!

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