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My video for @AmericaStories: The Impact of an Immigration Raid in Fullerton, CA

November 10, 2010

Above is a video I recently completed for We Are America, a project of the Center for Community Change. This video and others in the series raise “the voice of immigrants in the national dialogue around our country’s broken immigration system.” We Are America seeks to “lift up the personal stories of immigrants across America to put real people and communities back into national discussion on immigration policy.”

This video was a unique storytelling challenge since it was about a group of people. As I met the workers and filmed their testimonies, what emerged was how they were not victims. They responded to the situation and this is changing them, turning them into leaders. With input from the series producers, we decided to see the video as four “acts” showing the junctures where the workers made choices about how to respond. One thing that I remember that didn’t make the final video was one of the workers’ wives saying that she was surprised to see her husband speak up at the press conference and how proud she was of him for standing up for his rights.

Stay tuned for details on how you can support these workers. In the meantime, share this video with others or leave a comment here.

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