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Will Coley and Aquifer Media design social media content strategy for nonprofit organizations and foundations.

This includes:

  • Conceptualizing, producing, editing and distributing short-form audio or video storytelling projects.
  • Curation and community building for online social networks and digitally connected coalitions.
  • Designing, implementing and promoting live face-to-face  events of various sizes, i.e. conferences, performances, panels, workshops.
  • Documenting public events through digital media, i.e. live-blogging, audio, video shorts, etc.
  • Training staff and/or constituents on effective digital media storytelling, i.e. content development, writing/production, basic technology skills and social media best practices.


Founder Will Coley chose the name “aquifer” for many reasons: First, it honors the memory of his maternal grandfather who was cofounder of a well-drilling company in North Carolina. “Pappy”, as he was known to his family, often spoke of God’s amazing gift of vast underground aquifers, layers of water-permeable rock.

This image also conveys another aspect of Aquifer Media: the potential of directly tapping into the creativity and experience of communities and social networks. In today’s media world, there are new powerful tools for advocates and organizers to challenge injustice, build the power of communities and realize new opportunity.


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