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Production Details

Picture 13CAST AND CREW (Left to right):

  • Margarita Reyes (Hostess)
  • Miriam Nouri (Hipster Gal)
  • Donatella Cusma (Hopping Fashionista)Picture 16
  • Matt Wade (Hipster Guy)
  • Addison Presnall (Hispter Baby)
  • Dove Pressnall (Hipster Mom)
  • Regan Carrington (Narrator and Extra)
  • Angelica Negrete (Wheelchair Woman)
  • Richard Salmon (Bouncer)
  • Loris Guzzetta (Co-creator and Headwound Guy)
  • Linda Hargrove (In-line Prescription Lady)
  • Gene Call (Mature Patron)
  • Omar Serrano (Guy on Crutches)
  • Sarah Boehmke (Wheelchair Pusher)

On right

  • Will Coley (Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Videographer)

Not pictured

  • Graziano Bruni (Music)

Picture 17


Picture 18


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