Harlem’s NAMA Fights To Keep Local Music Legacy Alive – Gothamist: Profile of the oldest African-American musical association in the United States.

Casseroles Against Trump: Standing Up to a Proposal that Would Slash SNAP – The Opportunity Agenda: Messaging advice for advocates resisting cuts to the safety net.

Sample of The Amp weekly action alert – The Opportunity Agenda: Weekly e-blast that keeps advocates ahead of the curve by spotlighting what’s coming, not only in the news, but from partners in racial and economic justice.

What I’ve Learned So Far about Interviewing for Video and Audio Stories – The Communication Network: Tips on how to prepare for, set-up and conduct interviews for audio or visual stories.

“Listen” to How Radio Can Improve Your Videos – WITNESS: What videographers can learn from radio producers about effective storytelling.

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Public Radio about Storytelling – Nonprofit Technology Network: How to create content that both engages audiences and creates devoted supporters.

Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home – Transom: Lessons learned from reporting on the plane crash that killed my father.

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